Give your child the joy of learning to play a real instrument.

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Yousician is an interactive music teacher. It combines expert-designed courses, lessons, and songs with rewarding and motivating game-based learning.

Yousician tells your child what to play, listens and gives instant feedback.

Our students are engaged, enthusiastic, and focused, with a clear sense of mastery, progress, and purpose.

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Learning to play an instrument

Personalized learning

Yousician teaches piano, guitar, bass, and ukulele, so your child can play the instrument they love.

Our hand-crafted lessons provide the guidance they need, plus the flexibility to learn the songs and skills they choose at their own pace.

Learning to play an instrument helps develop physical skills, social skills, academic skills, boosts self-esteem and refines discipline and patience.

Recommended by music teachers

It's no surprise that more and more music teachers are incorporating Yousician into their lessons, and recommend it to parents for their children's practice at home between lessons.

We work with the best educators using Yousician to make further improvements all the time.

Learning is a lifelong endeavour, and we never stop.

Real parents. Real kids. Real progress.

"I wish this was around when I was a kid."

"You've got that immediate feedback and the sense of accomplishment. That's why it's so successful for Jonathan."

"So, now we are at the point where he loves music."

"There should be more things like that, in math. Education would be a lot more fun."

"She loves it!"

"He didn't stop for hours. And when he did it, he did a victory lap around the house."

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Whether your child is learning by themselves, with a teacher, or with you alongside, Yousician guides their learning in the right direction.

Surprise your child. Let your child surprise you and show off their newly acquired skills.

Best of all: Yousician takes the fun in practicing to a whole new level. And when something is fun, we do it a lot more.

The Yousician advantage

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"You don't have to tell them to practice."